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Picture: David Jakob/Musiikkitalo

Welcome to the international Nordic Conference for Choral Conductors in Finland!

Choral conductors and other choral professionals meet in the Nordic Conference for Choral Conductors in Helsinki 4.–6.10.2024. The event is organized by the Finnish Choral Conductors’ Association in collaboration with the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Nordisk Korforum, Föreningen Sveriges Körledare, Foreningen norske kordirigenter, Foreningen Danske Korledere and Félag íslenskra kórstjóra.

The programme of the conference consists of lectures, workshops, a masterclass and a panel discussion, all given by Finnish, Nordic, and international experts. The lectures and workshops deal with subjects such as rhythm music in choirs, choir sound and vocal technique, concert planning, working with children´s and youth choirs and conducting a symphony or an opera choir. The topic of the panel is “The changing roles of the conductor”: how choral conductors can change or renew their ways of working – and is it necessary? Are we forced to change anyway, since the world around us changes all the time, and the choirs along with it as well? 


In addition, there are two evening concerts during the conference, one presenting the renowned Sibelius Academy Vocal Ensemble, and the other some award-winning choirs and their conductors from Finland, such as Akademiska Damkören Lyran, Euga Male Voice Choir and Sibelius Upper Secondary School Chamber Choir.

The most important part of the conference is, naturally, the opportunity to network and make new friends.


There will be plenty of time and possibilities for social interaction!

Picture: David Jakob/Musiikkitalo

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