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Helga Margrét Marzellíusardóttir (ISL)

Helga Margrét Marzellíusardóttir (ISL)

Helga Margrét Marzellíusardóttir is the musical director of Hinsegin kórinn in Reykjavík, Iceland. She has a dual bachelor’s degree in singing and choir conducting from the Iceland University of the Arts and a master’s degree in innovative rhythmical choir leading from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark.

Helga Margrét is a prolific composer and arranger for choirs and musicians across all skill levels and styles. She leads courses and workshops in, for example, methods and techniques behind vocal arrangements, choir conducting techniques, vocal painting and creative composition, leading groups in music and lyric creation. She is frequently brought in as a guest conductor for choirs both in Iceland and abroad, on rhythm, groove, intonation, sound, interpretation, and stage presence.

Recently, Helga Margrét received a grant from the Icelandic government to record new choral music. The release of the record is due this coming autumn. For more information, visit her website

Picture: Jakob Jóhannsson

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