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Marit Tøndel Bodsberg Weyde (NO)

Marit Tøndel Bodsberg Weyde (NO)

Marit has worked with several of Norway’s most prominent choirs and orchestras. With her energetic personality and musical dedication, she is not only an acclaimed conductor, but also an inspiring and popular teacher and speaker, being frequently invited to sit on panels or asked to adjudicate. She has received several prestigious honours and awards in international choir competitions, and in addition to nine first prizes, Kvindelige Studenters Sangforening was ranked number one in INTERKULTUR’s world ranking of competing female choirs from 2015–2020. Marit has also received several awards for conducting, both in Europe and in Norway.

Marit has participated in numerous highly acclaimed recordings, both as a conductor and a musical director. Her most recent recordings include Magnificat (Ellen Andrea Wang, LAWO Classics, 2023) and I signet juletid (LAWO Classics, 2023).

Picture: Lars Gunnar Liestøl

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